A Minor Experiment

December 1, 2009

At the beginning of the semester, the library began circulating netbook computers and other technologies as part of a program co-sponsored by the Student Association. Happily, what started as a bit of an experiment has proven to be a new and vital library service.

  • The first five Dell 9 netbooks have been circulated 43 times since August, averaging over 8 times each.
  • We added another eight larger netbooks, the Dell 10s, in October. They have checked out 19 times already, and six of the eight are out right now.
  • The Flip camcorders have had the longest run. We purchased them in September of last year, and they’ve checked out 59 times total.

In addition, our DVD burners, webcam, and portable projector have gotten a little use, although the interest in the netbooks is far greater. Our survey reports a 96 percent satisfaction rating with the netbooks over the combined 62 checkouts this semester alone.

So, the question we have now is, “What next?” What kind of technology or resource does the library not have now that you would like to see? We’re eager to know your thoughts!