Resource Guides on Sleep in Infants, Children, Adolescents, and Pregnant Women

The Maternal & Child Health Library, in coordination with the six national Pediatric Pulmonary Training Programs, have compiled a new set of resources on the subject of sleep and sleep disorders in infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant women.

There are three separate user-oriented ways to view this important information.  The first is designed for health professionals, researchers, and community advocates wishing to learn more about sleep, improve the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of sleep disorders.  This knowledge path provides a wealth of information sources and databases for this subject area.

The second avenue is designed to provide a list of resources for the families, offering links to sleep centers, specialists, and websites about sleep disorders.  This path also contains a separate section intended to offer resources for adolescents themselves.

Lastly there is also an available list of resources aimed at schools, which provides a list of websites and materials to help educate students, teachers, staff, and affected families about sleep disorders.

These efforts of the MCH Library and the PPTPs have produced much needed guides through these difficult situations.  Anyone with a desire to know more about these issues, or wanting to assist an affected family member or friend should certainly check out these lists for more information.


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