Thinking of attending a Find Your Place event?

Here’s some information for you. Be sure to sign up so we know to expect you!

Event 1, Monday, Oct 3, 1:00 – 2:00
Attend this letterboxing workshop in the library conference room and find out more about this fun hobby that combines one’s artistic abilities with cracking codes and following clues for a unique type of treasure-hunt. The workshop will provide instruction in carving personalized stamps and how to create your own letterboxes.

Event 2, Tuesday, Oct 4, 12:00 – 1:00
Social Media Workshop and Lunch
Come learn about FourSquare, Twitter, and Facebook in the library conference room and enjoy a FREE LUNCH prepared for you by the Schusterman Library staff. Lunch will be served from 12:00-12:15 for the first twenty people.

Event 3, Tuesday, Oct 4, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Campus Caching in the Dark
My hobby? I use multi-million dollar satellites to find trinkets on the OU-Tulsa Schusterman campus. In the dark! Come join us beginning in the library conference room. Bring your GPS-enabled tablets or smartphones to download a geocaching app. If you don’t have one, there will be some available to borrow. Don’t forget a flashlight!
Event 4, Wednesday, Oct 5, Noon – 1:30
Fun & Fast Presentations
Bring your lunch to the Arts and Information Gallery in the Library and come watch your favorite OU-Tulsa faculty, staff, and students present unique, fun, and fast slide shows. Speakers can choose topics ranging from comic books to cooking. There will be door prizes from local restaurants and refreshments for all. Anyone interested in submitting a slide show or wanting more details can contact April Schweikhard at or 918.660.3226.

Event 5, Thursday, Oct 6, Noon – 1:30
Have You Seen? COOL Things Stewart Found Online

Come see what techno expert, sci-fi enthusiast, comic book superhero zealot and library director authority person has found online to share with us. Also, the BIG announcement will be made! Find out who the Library’s FourSquare Mayor is and who wins lunch with President Clancy.

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