The Drug Information Portal

The National Library of Medicine offers an excellent resource for health care professionals and consumers: The Drug Information Portal.

This portal allows you to search various government databases for information about drugs. From the homepage you can search for drugs “By Name” or “By Category.”

If searching by a specific drug name, the portal will search such consumer information databases as MedlinePlus (great for patient information), Drugs@FDA (another great patient-level resource), (provides current information about a drug’s clinical research studies), Pillbox (allows user to visually search for and identify an unknown pharmaceutical), et cetera.

You can also¬†find information on a more professional level, including searching for drug references in scientific journals (Medline, PubMed), references from toxicological journals (Toxline), information about biological activities and chemical structures (PubChem), summaries of a drug’s effect on breastfeeding (LactMed), et cetera.

Take a few moments to explore this excellent resource and if you have any questions, contact the Schusterman Library at 660-3220.



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