Faculty publication: Habashi

Habashi, J. (2011). Children’s agency and Islam: Unexpected paths to solidarity. [Article]. Children’s Geographies, 9(2), 129-144. doi: 10.1080/14733285.2011.562377

This ethnographic study analyzes the experiences of Palestinian children’s agency of religion and its manifestation in religion as resistance while it is fighting the globalized hegemony. Children’s agency of religion as resistance is cultivated within the debate of Islamist movements and the evolution of Palestinian national identity while it serves as a call for global solidarity. It is this creative construct of agency of religion that transcends borders and distinguishes itself from the old generation method of resistance. The differences between generations on this construct, as described by children’s agency and their ability to transform, is constructed by particular meanings of Islamist symbols and rejects the assumption that children’s roles are defined. The agency of religion as resistance evolves as the role of religion in national discourse is deliberated in secularism and sectarianism.

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