DropBox: sync, share and backup

Dropbox is life saver for me. It saves my time and effort in carrying  and syncing files on my home and school computer.  I don’t carry my USB flash drive anymore and my laptop to school to access files I created on it.

How Does Dropbox work?

When you install Dropbox on your computer (desktop/laptop/netbook) or Smartphone (iPhone/Android/iPad) it creates a folder and saves your login credentials with it. Now when you save or change any file/photo/music in that folder it is uploaded to Dropbox server and synced to other devices where you installed Dropbox with your login credentials. This process is all automatic, you don’t have to manually upload any files from your computer. You can also share folders with your friends and family that means it is an excellent tool for collaborative work too.

In case your computer crashes you still all your files at Dropbox.com and that also means if you want access to any of your files on a device which does not have Dropbox installed with your account you can go http://www.dropbox.com and access all your files. If you accidentally delete a file you can go to Dropbox.com and recover the deleted file or folder.

Free Dropbox account offers you 2GB of storage but you can earn up to 8GB by inviting more and more friends to Dropbox. Each invitation earns you 250MB (0.25GB)  storage to both. To learn more got to DropBox.com. For invitation to DropBox from Amit click  here.


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