25 Essential Apps for Travelers

With the semester wrapping up, the sun peeking out, and stress melting away, it’s time for that long-planned summer trip! If you will be traveling this summer, you might want to be aware of these 25 Essential Apps for Travelers.

Wondering where to dine at in that new city? With the Yelp app, you can see which restaurants are in your vicinity and read user reviews on your iPhone or Android.

Something you’ll definitely want for your summer trip is the GasBuddy app. With one click, you can access a map of all nearby gas stations and see how much each is charging per gallon!

If you will be leaving the country, you might want to consider the Google Translate app. You can speak English into your phone and have Spanish come out the other end.

Click the link above to view all 25 apps and get prepared for your summer vacation. After all of your hard work this semester, you earned it!


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