Can’t find articles? Want better articles?

Scenario One.

You’ve searched and searched. You consider yourself a good searcher, and you know some good Google tricks. You have discovered Google Scholar. Yes, you’ve looked at the library, and yes, you’ve looked in the databases. (Well, maybe.)  BUT…there really doesn’t seem to be a lot on your particular subject.  What now?

Scenario Two.

You’ve found a sufficient number of sources. BUT…in your opinion, they’re not all very high quality. For one thing, you’re a little hazy on the idea of peer-reviewed or scholarly articles. These articles might be peer-reviewed…they seem like they are, but you don’t know for sure. You think you could certainly get by with what you have. But is “getting by” really what you want to do?

Help is on the way!

Luckily, you know that the librarians at the OU-Tulsa Library can help you! You can come visit them at the library, where they will show you how to construct the appropriate search strategy for your individual research needs, and point you to just the right places to look. Novice searchers brand new to the university as well as seasoned searchers who have their own shortcuts and tried-and-true sources are welcome to call or come by. You can make an appointment for an individualized session with a librarian now!


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