Grow Connections in Your Field

Interested in connecting with other students and professionals in your field of study? Here are five social networks that offer the chance to network, make friends, and so much more.

For Physicians:

This social networking site offers physicians the ability to collaborate on difficult cases, search for MDS in 68 specialties, and improve practice management. It also offers the chance for physicians to take free CMEs for credits.  Get into the conversation by joining forums and groups or participate in MD panels.

For Nurses:

This social networking site offers nurses and nursing students the chance to connect with others in different nursing concentrations. Learn about job postings and educational opportunities. Keep up-to-date on news and resources focused on the nursing field. Read blogs, join groups, and make new friends in the field of nursing.

Another social network focused on people in the nursing field. Create a blog or read the blogs of other nursing students or professionals. Check out videos and photos. Listen to podcasts. Learn about special events coming up or look for a job.

For Pharmacists:

Connect with other pharmacists and students. Find job postings. Read/write blogs and stories. Take free CE courses and rate courses for your peers. Join forums and groups. Find links to national and state pharmacy associations. Find links to scientific journals. Take surveys on important medical topics. Get the latest news concerning drug and medical research.

For Librarians:

Library 2.0 is for library students and professionals who are interested in the internet, social media, and Web 2.0. Join forums or groups. Get email alerts regarding information related to topics involving Web 2.0. Read/write blogs. Learn about upcoming events. Check out photos or videos. This social network is also available in Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, and German.

For Social Work:

Get connected with other people in the social work field. Search for jobs. Participate in forum discussions. Post and browse resources, links, and videos. Use the Toolbox link to get information on different websites or how to contact the media or legislators. Find templates for case work process recording or policy practice process recording.


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