Meth Lab Statistics in Tulsa County

A startling article featured last week in the Tulsa World reveals that the number of meth labs being dismantled by the Tulsa police is actually increasing! The article includes a 2010 map portraying the amount of meth lab cases reported to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and a breakdown of the number of meth labs cleaned up in Tulsa County during the previous year.

Methamphetamine is an odorless drug that is extremely addictive and can significantly alter brain functions. In November 2010, the Oklahoma Senate approved House Bill 3380 creating a statewide Methamphetamine Offender Registry.

For more information on Methamphetamine, check out these additional resources:

NIDA InfoFacts: Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Tulsa World Meth Labs Map

Search locations of meth labs reported to the Tulsa Police since January 1, 2008

Tulsa Police Crime Mapping: Meth Labs

A map portraying the locations of meth labs in Tulsa since 2002

House Bill 3380

Information from the Oklahoma House of Representatives on the Oklahoma Methamphetamine Offender Registry

Article Source:

Marshall, Nicole. 2011. One-pot method means meth labs may be anywhere. Tulsa World, March 24.


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