What’s a library catalog and why should I use it?

The OU-Tulsa Library catalog is basically a big list of everything the library owns. In the old days the catalog existed as a set of drawers filled with small index cards covered with information about books. These days the catalog is online. And now, the catalog even includes links to many items that the library owns in electronic format.

Even better, the OU-Tulsa Library catalog links you directly to WorldCat, a global catalog of library collections. Access to WorldCat allows you to see the holdings of almost every library in the United States–and beyond.

What does this mean for you?

It means:

  • you can find out what the library owns from any computer, anywhere.
  • you can often access the full-text of many of the library’s items directly through the catalog, once you find out we own them.
  • even if we don’t have the specific resource you need here on campus, you can use the catalog’s link to interlibrary loan to order almost any item–for free.
  • And there are tons of useful features that allow you to cite, export, link, make lists, print, share, and tag the items in the catalog.



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