Where in the world do I begin searching?

Confused by all the search options available? Can’t figure out which database is the absolute best match for your research question?

No worries! The OU-Tulsa Library website (http://library.tulsa.ou.edu/) helps you get started. The Library Resources For… section collects the major databases for your academic subject all in one place.

But if you’re absolute stuck and want us to name names, here are two good places to start:

In the health sciences, PubMed gives you access to the finest and most comprehensive health database in the world, Medline.

For general academic and scholarly subjects, Academic Search Premier has a wide range of articles that will help you get started. There are different versions of Academic Search Premier for students in the health sciences programs and students in Norman-based programs, so be sure to look at your department’s entry in Library Resources For… to go to the right place.

Of course you can always ask the librarians as well. We can steer you to the specific resources that will best suit your subject. Contact us now!


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