The things that we have really CAN help you.

For example:

  • Our interlibrary loan service allows you to get articles and books from other libraries very quickly, and at no cost.
  • Many of our databases are subject-specific. So you don’t have to wade through oceans of irrelevant material to find what you need.
  • Looking for evidence-based materials? We have evidence-based resources.
  • Find full-text articles right in our library catalog.
  • We have reference materials that can help you get up to speed on subjects you’re just starting to research.
  • Our study carrels and reservable study rooms are perfect for quiet reading or group projects.
  • Browse through our paper journals for the latest information in your field.
  • We have today’s newspaper.

In addition to all that, the librarians can show you search strategies, point out appropriate databases, and help you get over that feeling of being hopelessly overwhelmed with information. Come visit us soon, either in person or online.


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