“Is there an orientation to the library at OU-Tulsa?”

The answer to that question is: Yes!

But we don’t offer that orientation in a single workshop that meets on a certain day. Because of the wide variety of programs at OU-Tulsa, and because many of our students work either full or part-time, making scheduling difficult, the library offers you one-on-one library orientation, at your convenience. If you give us enough notice, we can also meet you on evenings and weekends.

Contact the library by phone (918-660-3220) or by email, and let us know when you’d like to schedule your orientation. We can also talk to groups of students – just get several people together and we can come to your on-campus study group or organization meeting, and talk to you about the basic of library research.

Some of you may have orientations as part of your programs, in which you learn about the resources at Bird or Bizzell Library. Go a step further and learn about the library that’s right here on campus, the OU-Tulsa Library.

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