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Here are some fun iPhone and Android apps for the holidays!


Holiday Calculator: Planning some leave days over the holidays? Keep track of them using this!

Holiday Countdown: And while you’re at it, count down to all other federal and U.S.  holidays with this app.

Family Organizer: Shared Calendar+ToDo+Grocery List+Alerts: Your whole family can keep up with busy holiday schedules with this sharing app.

Mobile sites

Christmas Pics puzzle: A tiny little Christmas-themed puzzle for mobile screens

Medline Plus Mobile: For those who fall off ladders while putting up lights….

KartMe Mobile: Make lists of shopping deals, restaurants, anything you find on the web, and get automatic reviews, prices, and ratings while doing so.

This and That

BagCheckr: Organize your packing for your holiday trip.

There are lots of websites that allow you to look for the best local gas prices--handy to know if you’re traveling.

Martha Stewart’s Holiday Organizing Tips can reduce your holiday stress. She can help you make gift tags, gift lists, place cards, menu planners and more on her site using MS Office programs.

Google Holiday Doodles Google Doodles have sported holiday themes since 1999. Here’s a look at holiday Google Doodles over the years.

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