Today’s links: 2010-07-10

  • The Center for Nursing Advocacy works to increase the general public’s understanding of nursing, and part of this work includes the News on Nursing in the Media section of their website. On the site, visitors will find media resources that discuss the portrayal of nurses in the media, along with offering their own responses to the depiction of nurses in film and television programs. Visitors are encouraged to sign up to learn about one or more of their advocacy campaigns, and they can also check out their news alerts area. Additionally, visitors can search their archives, which date back to 2003.
  • The multiple award-winning PBS television series, website and outreach program, A Place of Our Own, and the Spanish language version, Los Niños en su Casa is aimed at child caregivers including parents, grandparents, daycare workers, and nannies. The goal is to give child caregivers a supportive and informative place to turn for help with the important task of caring for children of their own or someone else’s. Visitors to the website will find that topics for the week, Monday-Friday, can be viewed and selected on the homepage. Each day there is a new topic covered, such as getting kids to share. The topic begins as question sent in from a child caregiver, and then answered by the show’s host, someone in the medical community such as a pediatrician or a therapist, parents, or other caregivers.
  • The Smart Growth America organization is a “coalition of national, state and local organizations working to improve the ways we plan and build the towns, cities and metro areas we call home.” To work on these issues, they offer interested parties a wide range of helpful resources about their work, which includes planning for public transportation, sensible development plans, and maintaining open space. Visitors may want to start by checking out their web-exclusive video series titled “American Makeover”. The program looks into issues like sprawl, sustainable development and so on by profiling different communities around the United States. Moving on, visitors can use the “Resources” area to look over recent policy documents created by the organization, including “Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change”. Also, their blog is both insightful and frequently updated, and it provides commentary on infrastructure improvements and economic development programs.

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