USMLE Step 1 Practice Exams (free!) available

Exam Master’s completely revised USMLE Step 1 Practice Exam is available from the OU-Tulsa Library’s E-resources page – simply select “E” on the alphabetical listing of databases and scroll down until you see the Exam Master link.

This practice exam is the first in a series of new practice exams, called USMLExpress. Based on the NBME blueprint, Exam Master’s USMLExpress Step 1 practice exam is designed to give the Step 1 candidate a realistic exam experience. It consists of 336 test items divided into 7 exam blocks of 48 questions each. To access the practice exam, login to Exam Master and select “New Practice Exam” –>”USMLExpress Step 1 Practice Exam” –>”Go to exam.” You may have to maximize your browser to see all the links. Once you’ve arrived, you have the choice of Test or Study modes for these exams.

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