2010 OU-Tulsa Research Forum Winners

Congratulations to all the winners!

Oral Presentation Winners

1stChristoph SchiecheHealth Education Research – Simulation and standardized direct observational tool for summative evaluation of resident competency.

2nd: Jessica BrentCommunity Outreach ProjectActive transportation mapping and feasibility analysis.

3rd: Komi FollyClinical Research – Who bounces back? Predictors of intensive care unit readmission.

Basic and Applied Research Poster Winners

1stSwathi Kunta, Anjan K Ghosh, Pramode K Verma – Characterization of Free Space Optics Mobile Sensor Networks

2nd: Jessica Brent, Shannon Green, Anna Grider, Marcae Hilton, Laura Mauck, Shawn Schaefer, Paula Thomas, Jose Villalva – Neighborhood Planning Academy

3rd: Meg Myers Morgan, Chad Knight – Increased Social Connectedness and Physical Welling of the Ambulatory Disabled with Service Dogs

Community Outreach Poster Winners

1stJessica Brent, Marcae Hilton, Laura Mauck, Jose Villalva, Shawn Schaefer – Active Transportation Mapping and Feasibility Analysis

2nd: Travis EslickRe-Branding a Nationally Recognized Historic School through Community Reinvestment

3rd: Paula F. ThomasA Place To Call Home–Adequate Housing For Tulsans with Serious Mental Illness

Clinical Research Poster Winners

1stR Lynn Rojas, Pranay Kathuria, Nitin SawhenyAre Patients Being Screened Appropriately for Microalbuminuria?

2nd: Srikala Ayyagari, Chandini Sharma, Jennifer BurkeenObstacles to Completion of Advance Directives in Elderly Patients in Oklahoma

3rd: Rebecca Jeanne Stephen, Chan M Hellman, Mark D FoxEffect of Commonly Prescribed ADHD Medications on Blood Pressure in Pediatric Populations

Clinical Vignette Poster Winners

1st: Imad Uddin, Jeannette Power, Erik Wallace – Isolated Third Cranial Nerve Palsy with Normal MRI/MRA of Head
2nd: Charles Soliman, Bo BurnsCase Report: A 24 Year Old with Palpitations and a Wide Complex Tachycardia
3rd: Deepak Karibassappa, Soumya Kidiyoor, Martina Jelley – Idiopathic Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis – A Rare Disorder with an Even Rarer Presentation

Health Education Research Poster Winners

1st: Christoph Schieche, Vicky Weidner, Carolyn Synovitz, David Knight, Ann Shortridge – Simulation and Standardized Direct Observational Tool for Summative Evaluation of Resident Competency

2nd: Scott Rogers, Vicky Weidner, Carolyn Synovitz, David Knight, Bridgitte Steinheider, Ann Shortridge, Lisa Lee, Jackie Lamb – Development of Interprofessional Simulation to Improve Team Dynamics

3rd: Dustin Fravel, Daniel Duffy, Mark FoxThe 4th Year Student as Team Leader: A New Student Health Clinic Model


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