Faculty publication: Habashi

Habashi, J., Driskill, S. T., Lang, J. H., & DeFalco, P. L. (2010). Constitutional Analysis: A Proclamation of Children’s Right to Protection, Provision, and Participation. International Journal of Children’s Rights, 18(2), 267-290.

The study of children’s images as delineated in constitutional documents highlights the historical transitions that have occurred within and among countries, as manifested in the Convention of the Rights of the Child. As such, content analysis was administered to examine constitutional and amendment documents of 179 nation-states listed and recognized by the United Nations Development Programme in the Human Developmental Index. This analysis produced quantitative and qualitative data in which it described the ranking of each country and it’s postulation toward children’s protection, provision and participation as outlined by CRC. The findings provide greater understanding of the nation-state posture towards children as active rights bearers.

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