Oklahoma Health Information

If you’re interested in health information about Oklahomans, you can go to these sites, which were compiled by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

NHQR State Snapshots from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, at the US Department of Health and Human Services:  summaries of measures reported in the National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR) for Oklahoma.

2007 National Survey of Children’s Health, Oklahoma Profile Page, with indicators for health status, health care, school and activities, and child’s family and neighborhood.

National Survey of Children’s Health with Special Healthcare Needs, supported by the Child and Adolescent Healthcare Measurement Initiative.

Obesity and Overweight in Oklahoma. Offers trends by state (1985-2008), plus an animated map that shows the United States obesity prevalence from 1985 through 2008.

Diabetes Data and Trends for Oklahoma, from the CDC. Includes data on prevalence, preventive care, end-stage renal disease, health status and disability, and risk factors for complications. Prevalence data includes a county-level map.

Heart Disease and Stroke Maps for Oklahoma. Maps for national, state, or county rates for heart disease and stroke mortality and hospitalizations, by the CDC.

Tobacco Control Highlights Report for Oklahoma. Cigarette use, mortality, demographics, expenditures,  productivity losses, and more . Also statistics on youth cigarette use.

Thanks to Steve Beleu, Federal Docs Coordinator at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, for this information, which was originally published in the Oklahoma Librarian newsletter.


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