New feature on ExamMaster

Oh?ExamMaster (from the OU-Tulsa Library website) has a new feature. You can now search by the subject and category groups assigned to the questions, rather than just being able to search for information that may be found within a question. For example, if you want to search for questions dealing with “infectious diseases”, you need not include specific disease names within the search.

To use this feature, please go to New Exam and click on Outline Search. Enter in the subjects or categories you would like to search and the system will give you the ability to create exams from the results.

ExamMaster is test-taking software that allows you to:

  • Access a large medical question bank containing thousands of questions
  • Take exams that simulate the actual board exam experience
  • Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Customize the selection of your study material.

For more information about ExamMaster, please contact the OU-Tulsa library at 918-660-3220, or email a librarian.


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